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Website Maintenance Packages Plan (Basic / Plus / Premium)

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Website Scheduled Backup, Security Enhancement, Site Troubleshooting and Monitoring

5 Reason Why Choosing Our VPS/Server Maintenance Service

1)Personalised Support: You had purchased a VPS/Dedicated Server from provider X, but when issues arise, you have to submit ticket to their system and wait for their reply. You want a quick fix, but again once called the support personnel, they will ask you to submit a ticket too. We have dedicated IT Support team and we don’t over sell. Tell us your problem by all means, we’ll create the ticket for you.

2)Quick Fix Priority: Whenever quick fixes is possible, we will implement them for you to minimize your website downtime & reduce damages to you business.

3)Team of Expert: We have dedicated team for system & server maintenance. With over 5 years experience managing many type of deployment including Linux/Windows VPS, Dedicated Servers, Cloud Based Servers, On-Premises Servers and even Shared Servers.

4)We Talk Your Language: Your server provider may or may not get the exact issues that you’re facing. Users with zero or minimal IT background may need to submit multiple support tickets until the Support Personnel understand the problem and actually fix it. But our Team, we talk both language between You and the Technical Support. We’ll extract all the information from you to create a compact useful support ticket that can be easily understand for the technical support to get the job done faster.

5)Simply Affordable: Some VPS Hosting & Server providers may offer your their own Server Management Plan. Comparing our scope against them, our’s is definitely more affordable.

Essential VPS/Server Maintenance Plan

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