iSAKURA Stream Japanese IPTV Japan Terrestrial / BS / CS digital broadcasting!

Q : Can I watch it on analog TV?

A : You can watch it by using the digital-to-analog conversion cable.

Q : Will it violate copyright laws?

Q : The basic requirements of the Internet connection speed is?

A : 4Mbps or more, speed can be tested at the following address.

Q : Can I watch on Wi-Fi?

Q : Can I get support when a TV box fails?



A : Although you can watch it, you can enjoy stable images if you connect the lan cable.

​Q : TV box can record it?

A : Since it is a highly reliable product, there is very little hardware failure, but we will immediately replace the replacement of a new TV box.

A : There is no recording function, but the 14-days playback function is available. All channels are automatically recorded.

A : We are broadcasting television programs based on transmission right enabling (Article 92-2) and public transmission right (Article 23), which is the right of copyright control.